About ThisBitchRuns

I’m a runner, so naturally I love beer. This is a blog about running (mostly mine), sometimes beer, and on a rare occasion maybe cats.

I went on my first run when I was twelve with my older sister. She berated me the entire 20 minutes for running too loud, pounding my feet and swaying my shoulders—I loved every minute of it. Today, 13 years later, I still run regularly.

I don’t run for one specific reason, but more so for an infinite clusterfuck of reasons. Some days I run to be alone. Often I run to think about my life and organize my thoughts. Other times, I run not to think, but to daydream instead—I regularly start a run and find myself at my front door an hour later, without a single recollection of what thoughts moseyed through my mind during that time. I run to stay in shape. I run for the Southern California beach summers and the bikinis that accompany those months. I run to see how far I can push my mental and physical limits. I run for the runner’s high—you know that feeling, that feeling after a particularly hard run when you are panting on the kitchen floor and your body is numb, in pain, yet filled with a goodness that makes it impossible not to smile? I love that feeling. I run when I don’t want to run. I run to pass people. I run to pass the time. I run for the beer. I run to race.

Speaking of races, I enjoy running them. I was a cross county and track kid growing up, and eventually ran my first half marathon my freshman year of college. I race an average amount, and thus far have four marathons and a handful of half marathons tallied up. If training properly, I can run at a respectable speed. My proudest running achievement was qualifying for the Boston Marathon, which I ran in 2013 (but that’s a whole different story). I just kicked off my training for the San Diego Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon on June 1, with a goal of simply earning myself a PR. My current PR for the marathon is 3:30:30.

Many of my blog posts will review my San Diego marathon training runs and aim to give you all an inside look into what training for a marathon looks like for this bitch. I also plan to write about running in general, whether it be about the history of running, my opinions on various running subjects or my favorite running gear. Lastly, I have over a decade of running experience, so I also hope to write occasional #throwbackthursday or #flashbackfriday posts, that discuss significant moments in my running life.

I’ll end this introduction with a warning—under no circumstances should anyone treat this blog as if I am an expert on running, beer or cats. I’m not an expert, simply an enthusiast.


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