And the next marathon is…

12828301_2892846714310_4295834498208257355_oIt’s official, I’ve signed up for the Reykjavík Marathon on August 20, 2016!

First however, a quick update. Since moving to Utrecht I’ve ran the 10K Utrecht Singelloop (49:30), the 2015 Amsterdam half marathon (1:58:21) and the 2016 Paris half marathon (1:48:01) (pictured above). It took while for me to get into the workout groove here and so while I had ambitious plans, the reality is that it took a full month after signing up (and paying!) for the gym until I actually went. During the fall my routine was hit or miss (mostly miss) and I essentially stayed just in shape enough to complete my races. Since 2016 things have been more regular, as perhaps is evidenced by my half marathon time improvement.

Due to the fact that winter (and weather in general) exists in the Netherlands, I also found myself in the gym for workouts more than usual. I’ve grown quite fond of a new cardio machine that I hadn’t encountered before. The machine is similar to an elliptical, but instead of a circular running motion you’re guided into a lateral ski-esque motion. I have zero idea what the machine is called, but it makes my booty / legs hurt in places I wasn’t aware I had muscles and so I’ve decided I like it.

Okay now, back to the exciting stuff…I’m going to Iceland! My friend K and I were aiming to travel to Iceland for a week and so naturally the first thing I did was search for races. To my pleasant surprise the Reykjavík Marathon takes place during the 6-week span we were hoping to book the trip. As excited as I was, K had to remind me that (a) she wasn’t a runner and (b) both of us being broke, flight prices would be deciding factor of actual dates. Not only did it turn out that the cheapest flights were during race weekend, but I also convinced K to sign up for her first half marathon! Me being a runner, you might imagine how this was all quite the emotional rollercoaster.

Now remember it’s been almost 2 years since my last marathon, and I was so upset that afterwards I wrote up a race report and yet never posted it in an attempt to will myself to forget the race. The last marathon I had a precise goal, another BQ. It’s still literally—yes, literally—impossible for me to start training and not have a BQ in mind. However, I am going to make a conscious effort to make this race revolve around enjoying a destination race and simply running solid (Update post-Iceland: I “enjoyed” the destination planning a bit more than the race planning, thus the marathon turned into a half marathon 😉 ) I also promised to help K plan her training runs since it’s her first 13.1. In fact, almost immediately I created a shared GoogleDoc that I could put in a suggested plan for us each and that we could both update with our progress. I expect she thinks I’m a tad insane and she might even regret everything in life that lead to this GoogleDoc moment, but in the end she’ll thank me. It will be a fun way for us to get psyched for our trip and to see each other (she lives in California), and overall I think a team mentally towards training will make it more fun and feel less like work.



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