Bikes & Kayaks

…and of course some running.

Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 11.55.53 AM

The past week has gone quite swimmingly here in Utrecht. Workout Blair would brag that I crushed some cross training this week, however Instagram Blair would boast that I explored my new surroundings through the local means of transportation. In reality I had some fun around the city, and it happened to include bikes and kayaks.

Last Sunday was a beautiful day, so I took my ‘oma fiets’ (aka grandma bike) and rode north along the Utrecht Vecht river with M. On the ride out we took a pit stop at a sunny terrace to relax—I drank my first ever glass of rosé and we watched boats motor / sail on by. After reaching Breukelen (which New York’s hipsterhub Brooklyn is actually named after) we turned around, and in total I believe the bike ride was around 18 miles. Not too shabby, eh? Lastly, it should be noted that I’ve been assured by M that an oma fiets, despite its misleading name, is not an uber nerdy bike to own…in fact it’s quintessentially Dutch.

Yesterday I chucked the bike and got in a kayak instead. M and I paddled around the canals for an hour—along the way we spotted some clumsy Polish bro’s zigzagging in their kayak, a bachelorette boat party equipped with penis water guns, university students drunkenly diving into the not-meant-for-swimming water and of course some beautiful city scenery. Since my arms are basically made of silly putty, I expected them to be sore this morning and yet, they aren’t! I think I’ll deem the day a success.

And of course, I also got in a couple of runs! Both my runs this week were 3 miles, but I’m happy that my pace has increased a bit. I averaged about 8:30 minute/mile for both runs and could feel that my body is slowly creeping back into shape. There is still plenty of room for improvement however and thus this upcoming week I have a few goals:

  • Get outside for 4 runs
  • Squeeze in 5 miles during one of those runs
  • Join a gym!

Think those goals are doable? With orientation and graduate school courses starting tomorrow, I’m a little wary I’ll hit these goals—we’ll see!


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