(Almost) Running Again!

College friends reunited in La Jolla.

College friends reunited in La Jolla.

Tomorrow I am heading out to the trails for a 6AM run—boy am I nervous.

I didn’t do near as well in the San Diego marathon as I had expected and got momentarily disdainful of running.

(Side note: I did quickly slap together a race review directly after the marathon, but haven’t had any desire to read it a second time in order to proofread. I’ll do that in the coming days, promise. Better late than never, eh?)

While I’ve gone on a couple runs, I’ve spent the majority my time on non-running happenings and thus I am grossly out of shape.

So what does this gal do without training taking up all my time? Some random activities include: hiking with my older sister while she was in town, watching world cup soccer games at surprisingly bustling bars, dining with old college friends, fun racing the San Diego Dine & Dash 5K (oh wait, that’s running-related!), making new friends with some visiting (and quite handsome) European doctors, apartment hunting and attending send-off parties for my many friends that are about to embark on new adventures at grad school.

Near two months of fun and almost no running, you see why I am nervous?

And so while I am hesitant to officially get back out there tomorrow, I am keenly aware that it’s exactly what I need to get out of this funk I am in. I’ll be running with an experienced trail ultra-runner and perhaps some of his friends—it should be the perfect environment to get me back into the game.

And trust me, I  need to get back in the game. Not only do I tend to get a bit on-edge when I am not running, but I also have the America’s Finest City Half-Marathon in a month. I guess it’s a well-timed race in the sense that it will get me moving again as I start my scheduled fall races. I don’t plan to run America’s Finest City with any lofty goals, but I will have some solid aims during the two half-marathons I have planned (September and October) and the marathon I have planned in early December.

Well that’s enough rambling for one night, I need to be up early!


3 thoughts on “(Almost) Running Again!

  1. It’s good to see you getting back to it. I’ve found that a bad race is usually followed by a good one, and I think you’re in the right state of mind!

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