Weekly Miles: Taper Tantrums

Taper blues. Also, my favorite coffee shop closed.

Taper blues. Also, my favorite coffee shop closed.

I ran an easy four miles today.

Starting a week ago my mileage started to decrease as I entered the taper phase of my training. Already, the horizon looks bleak.

The San Diego Rock ‘N’ Roll Marathon is officially less than two weeks away and the anxiety associated with the race has made a nice little home in my gut. It seems every day that anxiety is making home renovations, adding a bedroom here and expanding the yard for a pool over there. Sometimes I think about the race and worry I might vomit this anxiety all over my new running shoes (PS I got new running shoes!).

Under any other circumstances I’d go on a run to calm my nerves. Herein lies the problem with the taper: race anxiety increases and training mileage decreases.

It’s quite a cruel concept when you think of it.

Already I’ve encountered some minor taper hiccups. Last Thursday I went out for a run in 97-degree heat and struggled to keep a 9:00 pace due mainly to improper hydration. Still, when I developed my first stomach stitch in ages I began to have a minor panic attack about my abilities.

At this point I’ve depleted all of my tempo runs, but I still have my last Yasso800 workout tomorrow (Tuesday) and a final decent mileage 10-miler on Thursday to keep me sane. After Thursday I’d advise you stay clear of me, as it’s expected I’ll be either unreasonably side-eye irritated, a puddle of mascara-stained tears or a Hulk-ette so to speak.

To make matters worse, I’ve made the decision to take a beer break. You heard me—no more beer before the race! Ay, caramba!


2 thoughts on “Weekly Miles: Taper Tantrums

    • Well, to be completely honest I do have a boozy brunch planned on Saturday. I also always have a glass of wine the night before a race to calm my nerves. But in regards to my often nightly beer (or two), I’m taking a break for the next couple weeks!

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