Weekly Miles: Trail Tumbles

Top of Cowles Mountain on Friday

Top of Cowles Mountain on Friday

Last week I completely disregarded my training schedule and I am okay with that.

I took Monday off. Tuesday, Thursday and Friday I did trails at Cowles Mountain before work. Wednesday I practiced speed work. Sunday I managed a 20 mile long run.

Hauling ass down the mountain on Tuesday I made the mistake of spacing out. One second I was running and the next I was sprawled on the trail. I popped up quickly, but could feel myself slightly shaking and knew I had done some damage. My palms and right elbow welcomed nice deep scratches, my kneecap took in a beating that left it tender for days and my hip now bares a nasty bruise. Luckily, my body was soaked in adrenaline and I was able to finish the run just fine.

I made in back to the same trail on Thursday and Friday morning—partly to show that mountain that this bitch is boss and partly because I’ve been too busy at work to justify taking my regular extended run lunch.

To prepare for my 20-miler on Sunday I watched Spirit of the Marathon II. In customary sequel fashion it wasn’t as good as the original, however overall I quite enjoyed the film and it did its job of prepping me for a long run.

It was a fun 20 miles that had me touring Balboa Park, downtown, Point Loma, Old Town, Hillcrest and more. Yet during the workout, around mile 15 while running on flat-fucking-sidewalk, I somehow managed to trip and again found myself facedown on the ground. It wasn’t nearly as bad as my first tumble, but I did manage to hit the same body parts. Still, I averaged just over a 9 minute pace during the run and felt fantastic the entire time. After the run I recovered with chocolate milk and a New Belgium Ranger IPA. Perfection.

This week I again took Monday off. My legs weren’t happy from the previous week’s hills and the previous day’s 20 miles. I figured it’d be best to skip an easy workout and be fresh for the important runs I have planned the rest of the week.

Today I did my Yasso800s in stellar style. I ran 9×800 with each at a 3:18 pace, with the exception of the final 800, which I did ran at a 3:09 pace. I felt good and I felt strong and I felt sweaty. Success!

The remainder of this week will consist of three high mileage days, followed by another 20-miler. Next week the taper begins. I wish the best of luck to all my friends and coworkers who have to be near me during the taper—I might bite.


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