Weekly Miles: The Zombie Runner Beams

Beautiful view from my Wednesday run.

Beautiful view from my Wednesday run.

With the exception of my interval workout on Tuesday and trail run on Saturday, I’ve had an uninspired past week flogged by a lack of motivation.

I got in the miles at the needed paces, but I felt like a zombie slogging through the motions and punching a mile time clock. Thankfully, Tuesday proved to be pleasant and Saturday smacked me back into the swing of things.

Tuesday I didn’t run my usual Yasso800 workout—gasp—and instead did mile repeats. My workout went as follows: mile warm-up at 9:00 pace, 3xMile at 6:45 pace (with half mile recovery at 10:00 minute/mile pace), and a final mile warm-down at 9:00 pace. I found the workout wonderfully satisfying and beneficial, and will aim to do four repeats next time around.

On Saturday I took an office peer up on an offer to join him during a 6AM trail run. Upon first offer, I nodded, smiled politely and said “sure, one of these weekends!” In my head I said, “Ha! Oh hell no! I will never get up before sunrise on a Saturday, when I can just as easily run at 10AM.” However, after such an uninspired monotonous week, I realized I needed to shake things up to get out of the running rut funk I was in. Low and behold, on Saturday I was awake by 5:10AM, out the door by 5:25AM and arrived at the trailhead by 5:56AM.

Enjoying a well-earned cocktail called The Hipster after my hilly 8.5 miles

Enjoying a well-earned cocktail called The Hipster after my hilly 8.5 miles

We ran at Cowles Mountain, which doesn’t have an inch of flat ground on it. Furthermore, my running partner for the day is a trail ultra runner (and as mentioned I like to be asleep at 6AM), so I was a bit worried. We ran the downhill and manageable uphill portions, speed hiked up the numerous steep hills and totaled 8.5 miles. The run was bliss. The change of scenery and terrain was refreshing and it was nice to have a running buddy for the day. He mentioned having a headache from a night of fun the evening before, so hopefully I wasn’t the only one enjoying the workout and my chattering wasn’t too obnoxious. The next day my calves felt like they had been beaten with a spiked hammer—success!

The trail run seemed to do the trick, because today I was beaming throughout my six miles. Literally beaming. Smile plastered on face. Enthusiastically waving at other runners. Unnecessarily hopping over small obstacles. Beaming. I accidently ran a tad too fast for an easy day, clocking the following splits: 8:03, 8:08, 8:12, 7:54, 7:43, 7:45. I’d guess, this is going to be a good week.


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