Race Recap: Avocado Half Marathon. Guess What? This Bitch Won.

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 8.01.22 PMHas it been nearly three weeks? Well, I guess I have some updating to do. First up is the Avocado Half Marathon.

Last minute I signed up for this half marathon on Saturday, April 12. The race was supposed to gauge my fitness, evaluate how my training has been going and indicate how fast I could potentially run during my June 1 marathon. Prior to the race I’d had a rough couple of weeks mentally, and found myself fraught and terrified of this 13.1. I worried I would fail miserably and therefore detrimentally dampen my mental strength for the remainder of my training.

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Weekly Miles: The Zombie Runner Beams

Beautiful view from my Wednesday run.

Beautiful view from my Wednesday run.

With the exception of my interval workout on Tuesday and trail run on Saturday, I’ve had an uninspired past week flogged by a lack of motivation.

I got in the miles at the needed paces, but I felt like a zombie slogging through the motions and punching a mile time clock. Thankfully, Tuesday proved to be pleasant and Saturday smacked me back into the swing of things. Continue reading