Weekly Miles: Super, Effortless, Fun

Saturday-night-tipsy Blair loves this creepy mask.

Saturday-night-tipsy Blair loves this creepy mask.

Just a little summary of my Sunday (3/23) through Friday (3/28) miles.

Sunday:17 miles up the coast with an average pace of 9:45. I had a little bit too much fun Saturday night and only got a few hours of sleep. As such, I was worried about this 17-miler, but alas, the run woke me right up!

I’ve been making an effort to run my easy and long days at a comfortable and talk-able pace, as opposed to looking at my watch. I’ve never been good at easy runs and find myself always wanting to push myself during a workout. However, by listening to my body on these easy days, I’ve been able to make my scheduled hard days even harder—I like that. 

Monday: Super and simple 6.18 miles in just under 52 minutes and averaging an 8:23 pace.

Tuesday: Yasso800 day! I did 6×800 with the first five in 3:25 and the final 800 at 3:15. It was comfortable for my legs and lungs, but mentally I was struggling and it felt monotonous. Next week instead of Yasso800s I’m going to do some mile repeats—I’m beyond excited. I just need to do some research to determine a good workout and pace to aim for.

Wednesday: Easy and effortless 8.24 miles in just over 1:08 and averaging an 8:20 pace.

Thursday: Played with speed again for 7 miles. Splits went as follows: 9:05, 8:00, 7:30×3, 6:58 and a final 6:31. It was hard, but with the exception of the last 800, I was breathing steadily and my legs weren’t hurting. I did feel bad for the poor guy on the treadmill next to me, as I was sweating like a beast and could feel droplets bouncing off my face and scattering in every such way.

Friday: Fantastic and fun 5.1 in just over 40 minutes and averaging an 8:07 pace.


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