Weekly Miles: Tech Startup Struggles & Transition Miles

Another team picture from our last soccer game.

Another team picture from our last soccer game.

You know what I love? Breakthrough runs. Yesterday I had confidence boosting run that rejuvenated my marathon training.

I had 7 miles planned and wanted to focus on speed. I used the first mile as warm up and ran a 9:00 pace. The second mile I used as a transition mile and ran at an 8:00 pace. I use transition miles often, and if they aren’t a stated running concept, I’m going to go ahead and claim ownership of the term now. Basically, I use transition miles as a way to ease my body into faster running—it helps me breath more steadily and provides less of a shock to my legs. The next four miles I ran at a 7:30 pace, and my final mile was a whopping 6:58. It wasn’t an easy run, but I felt a determined good. Hard, but not deathly. Tough, but manageable.

Later that night I had my final indoor soccer game of the season. I played almost the whole 50 minutes and felt strong.

The best part? My legs feel radical today. I can tell I worked out hard yesterday, but I also could probably bust out another difficult workout if I needed to. Unfortunately, my 8-miler today had to be pushed to tomorrow.

You see, the startup I work for was mentioned on a major news channel this morning and all of the increased interest did a number on our app and website. I got an early text from my boss requesting that I get online ASAP, as our service was almost completely down due to unexpected traffic. I do a lot of community relations and support for said company, and thus was in the office early and slammed all day responding to users. It was an exciting, busy and happy day—the kind of day that only happens when you work at a 10-person startup.

**Hey technology journalists—someone needs to write an article about how amazing and equally horrendous getting a nod from a major outlet can be for a little ole startup.**

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. It’s the only kind of problem a startup wants to have—too many people trying to use the service. However, I generally run during my lunch breaks and that clearly didn’t happen. Additionally, we might have popped some champagne towards the end of the day and I might of had a few glasses. Running basically didn’t happen. I had Sunday scheduled off, so instead I’ll push today’s run to tomorrow and tomorrow’s run to Sunday.

Oh well. That’s all I had to say for today. I’ll check in again soon.


One thought on “Weekly Miles: Tech Startup Struggles & Transition Miles

  1. What’s the app?! I’ll go make your job more difficult RIGHT NOW! Lol! Feel free to fb me for privacy issues… 😉

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