Weekly Miles: Set Fire To The Treadmill

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My soccer team. Aren’t we cute?

I despise the treadmill, naturally. And yet the past four days I’ve been hamster running. Treadmill aside though, the week has been an unassuming good.

Let me break it down for you all.

Monday—The Spring forward time change requires me to get up a mere hour earlier than I am used to. And still, that single hour left me haggard feeling on

Monday morning and early afternoon. By 6:30 PM and after drinking—no gulping—coffee all day, I felt like I was on crack. Now I’ve never done crack (to my knowledge at least), but I’m confident it would have felt the same. As a result, my easy five miles became a drug-induced haze. I don’t remember any pain, in fact I only vaguely remember the run, and yet found myself fresh as death the next day. I’ll deem that a success.

Tuesday—Yasso800 day! Workout went as planned, but I forgot to note my exact splits. Nonetheless, all five were all 3:30 or under. I haven’t done regular interval workouts in a very long time and I forgot how exhilarating they are. I find myself looking forward to Tuesdays, more so than I yearn for Friday nights—gasp!

Wednesday—Wonderful 7.5 miles in which I daydreamed the entire hour about living in a cabin in the woods (Julian perhaps?) where I’d spend my days running, writing and smiling. The first three miles were at an 8:57 pace, next two at an 8:27, the sixth was 8:13 and the last 1.5 was an 8:00. It was supposed to be a 7-mile easy run and I shouldn’t have dipped below 8:30, but I just felt so damn good.

Thursday—Planned seven miles, recorded six. If I could I would take those six miles, give them a nice smack across the face or perhaps knee to the groin, then douse them in gasoline to light on fire. I felt nauseous from minute one, stopped a mile early and was light-headed for a couple hours after. Misery defined.

On a positive Thursday note, I thought I’d be forced to miss my coed Thursday night soccer game, but schedules changed last minute and I was able attend. As usual, my ragtag team lost (6-2) and as usual we (or at least I) had bundles of fun. My team is tiny and the other girls in the league are beastly good, while the guys have no mercy. I reinjured my knee a tad and have a ginormous raspberry on my left hip / ass, but that’s good by me. I almost enjoy get banged up a bit, similar to how I enjoy the next day soreness after a good run.  I’ve made the executive decision that the soccer game made up for that mile I slacked on earlier in the day.

That’s all for today. I have a handful of half written non-timely posts I’ve been meaning to get up, so expect those to come out over the weekend.


One thought on “Weekly Miles: Set Fire To The Treadmill

  1. I wish I could harvest some of your enthusiasm for intervals. I did 5 Yasso 800s Wednesday night, and it always follows the same pattern: dread going in, endorphin rush and feeling of accomplishment at the end, and then more dread the next time. Yours were faster than mine, too. Good running!
    Your soccer team has that classic lovable-underdog look. I hope you win next time.

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