Weekly Miles: Bruce Lee Would Not Approve

After a few rough days, I’m back and kicking.

It all started on Friday. The roommate was out of town so I decided it’d be fun to watch Bruce Lee movies all night and teach myself karate in my living room. Natural behavior for a twenty-something lady, right?Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 8.27.55 PM

The next night while socializing with a group of friends, and admittedly after a couple glasses of wine, my karate confidence got the best of me and a few of us started messing around and roughhousing. At one point I twisted my left knee and it smacked the ground forcefully. It hurt immediately, but I didn’t say anything out of pride and therefore neglected to ice it or do a single thing about it.

When I woke up Sunday morning around 8 AM for my planned 14 miler, my knee was miserably sore and I couldn’t straighten it out all the way. With some massaging, I was eventually able to move it around, but was still unable to put my full body weight on it all day. I did some extensive googling and came to the conclusion that it was simply bruised, maybe slightly tweaked. Needless to say, I didn’t run 14 miles.

On Monday I could walk, albeit with a dull ache, and so decided exercise would be risky. Tuesday the pain was present but very tolerable and so I did 30 minutes on an Arc Trainer in order to avoid impact yet still get in a workout. Note—an Arc Trainer is similar to an elliptical, but includes a wider range of motion and thus is more difficult and, in my opinion, more reminiscent of actual running. I’m glad I did something on Tuesday, but am pretty peeved I missed by Yasso800 workout.

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 8.19.28 PM

That brings me to today. Unless I twist my knee the pain is gone, and so I went out for a run. Luckily I felt fantastic—I ran just under six miles at an average 8:25 pace. I ran with my Garmin Forerunner 210, but didn’t look at my pace during the run. I felt strong and in all honestly thought I was clocking closer to a 9:00 pace. So while I missed a few training days, including two important workouts (long run and Yasso800’s), I’m pleased that my fitness still seems to be improving overall.

So what to do after missing a few days?

I’m not a fan of doubling up simply in order to get the miles in. Instead, I’ll deal with skipping this week of Yasso800’s and Monday’s workout. As for my 14-mile long run, I’ll somewhat move it to this weekend. I had a 10 miler planned for Saturday, but instead will do just over 13. An online running community I’m involved in has a virtual half marathon planned, and so I’ll use the missed 14-miler as an opportunity to add a few miles to this weekend and participate in the virtual race.Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 8.31.45 PM

Tomorrow I have a 6 mile tempo run and I plan to dominate it. Additionally, I play coed indoor soccer on Thursday nights. I’ll report back after my game.

End note—I’m not drinking beer tonight! The horror! Instead, I’m treating myself to a glass of a cabernet sauvignon called Purple Cowboy. I’m not picky when it comes to red wine and I chose the bottle based solely on the label, but I have to say it is nice and tasty.


3 thoughts on “Weekly Miles: Bruce Lee Would Not Approve

  1. “Trail Boss” cabernet–that would go well with a nice big slab of steer! Anyway, I’m glad your knee is better and your running is back on track. I know when I try to teach myself karate from Bruce Lee movies, it usually doesn’t turn out well.

    • Ah, I need to learn how to pair wine with the appropriate food…I was eating cheese and spinach ravioli for dinner! And yes, Bruce Lee movies should comes with a warning 😉

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