Race Prep & Puking Pink

Currently, I am getting ready for tomorrow and the San Diego Women’s Half Marathon. I spend significantly more time (and am ridiculously more meticulous) in getting reading the night before a race, than I do before I head to work, hit the bars with friends or go out on a date. I’ll paint my nails, shower, shave my legs, blow-dry and straighten my hair, use a clay facemask and spend time laying out my clothes. Any other time, my routine consists of deodorant and maybe brushing my hair. It must seem silly, but if I feel fresh off a spa day and clean attractive, somehow I am more confident during my run.

Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 7.50.35 PM

After the expo I saw this–what a breath of fresh air!

During my lunch break, I popped on into the expo to pick up my bib and meander around the booths. I’ve never ran a “women’s” race before, and I have to admit that the forced pink/purple, glitter, girlie theme that enveloped the expo made me want to roll my eyes, puke or both. Don’t get me wrong—I love the color pink. But, believe it or not, I also love the colors blue, beige, green (my favorite), charcoal, lavender, orange and so on. The ever-present “girlie girl” stereotype that accompanies this race frustrates me and makes me cringe.

The one booth I didn’t mind was the Damsel in Defense group—apparently they sell stun guns and pepper spray, and had plenty on hand to check out! Pink or not, stun guns are fun.

Okay that’s all for now—this bitch needs to be up at 5:00 AM.


2 thoughts on “Race Prep & Puking Pink

  1. I’m with ya on the Pink Puke Parade! I’m so over ‘pink is for girls!’ Why can’t I get a pair of hot blue shoes..? And kudos to the race finish. Very fast.

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